Tuesday, July 16, 2013

His and Her Carry-On Necessities

Our journey to Australia began at 7:30 this morning. In total, with flights and layovers, we will spend the next 33 hours traveling. The carry-ons that are taken along on this incredible journey are so important. Here is what we decided to take with us on the planes:

Sean - 
I love photography so my prized DSLR camera and all of its attachments are going along for the trip. It will be great to have a better camera this time around.
Puzzle books are a must. Because they are varied, I won't lose interest quickly. I have trouble reading in noisy environments as I get distracted easily but I still work on puzzles without too many problems even when there are lots of distractions.
Snack foods are required since there is no store at 37,000ft. DVD's to watch are essentials too. I have to bring enough for the whole trip as I am unable to play Australian DVD's on my laptop.

Amanda - 
 I am taking two knitting projects with me on the trip. Both are scarves...one is a gift and one is for me. Here's hoping that TSA is nice to me and doesn't try to confiscate my needles. (I printed the statement from the TSA/government website that says I can take them on the plane. *fingers crossed*)
 Snacks are a must. I'm taking peanut butter M&Ms and Trail Mix.
 Puzzle books are a nice thing to take. This Word Search book should be good on the planes and during layovers.
 Books are a must - thank goodness for the Nook which takes up much less room in the bookbag.
I am taking my computer which will be nice in the airports during layovers.

What are your essential carry-on items?

Happy Travels,

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  1. I always also include my toothbrush and toothpaste...a clean mouth goes a long way to making you feel refreshed when a shower isn't an option. I am totally with you on the media (especially e-book reader!). The last absolute must have is a clean pair of undies...makes me feel human again ;) and wet wipes...but I take those suckers everywhere with me!!!! Safe and happy travels, and soon you will be in my time zone :D


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