Friday, July 12, 2013

His and Her Happies and Crappies (Week 26)

It's Friday so that means it is time for the week's recap. We wanted to find a fun way to do a recap of the week...enter this link-up with Stephanie at The Vintage Modern Wife. Let's recap away shall we?

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

**For those who are new to our blog - WELCOME, btw - purple is Amanda, red is Sean, blue is for both of us. We hope it helps make it less confusing for our readers to know who is talking and sharing. :) **

Less than one week until we leave for Australia!!!!

Our Small Group from church worked on some paint and spruce up projects last night instead of having bible study. It was a nice change and I liked knowing that we helped out in a small way.

The laundry is mostly caught up -- finally!

Friend and family time this week has been at an all time high. Dinner with Mom and Dad on Sunday --- Movies with Cathy on Tuesday --- Lunch and hang out time with Jill on Wednesday --- Lunch with Mom yesterday. Love it!!

I finished knitting a HUGE scarf for myself (the first project I have knitted for me since January). I love it and cannot wait to show it to you guys. 

We saved $100 dollars on airline tickets home in August. Bonus - it is a better itinerary with a later start and one stop instead of two!

After an hour of weeding, mowing, and trimming, our backyard gardens look really great. Now, if only they would stay that way!

Chantal (mild hurricane in the Caribbean) had us in a panic earlier this week, but she has broken apart and is no longer causing anxiety about the flights on Tuesday.

I needed new dress shirts for the wedding so we went to a really nice men's suit store and found two great shirts with matching ties...(see below)

I wasn't careful yesterday while I was bleaching a load of laundry and got bleach on a favorite t-shirt that is unreplaceable. I can wear it around the house but it is mildly depressing.

I have been unmotivated this week where school work is concerned. I have some things I wanted to get done before we left but it looks like they will be waiting for me when I get back. Oh well!

It poured down rain on Thursday afternoon and I had ridden by bike to work. I went ahead and biked through it but when I got home I was soaked to the bone. Not fun!

...(shirts continued) but they were super, super expensive!

What would make your happy and crappy list for this week?

Happy Weekend,


  1. Oh, nooo! I hate when random laundry bleach strikes! Congrats on saving money, though!

  2. blah i hate bleach on random laundry too. that's the worst. congrats though on y'all saving money on plane tickets. that's awesome! Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Yay for vacation in Australia and saving money on tickets. Have a great time.


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