Saturday, July 27, 2013

His: Kangaroos on the Farm

Amanda had been wanting to see kangaroos in the wild since we touched down in Sydney last week. It seemed that every day people would promise her that she would see wild kangaroos but no matter how many kilometres we drove there were no roos to be seen. After 6 days we still hadn't seen any wild kangaroos (although we had seen a wild koala and an echidna) and Amanda was getting quite disappointed.

The 3 roos that came to the farm for brekkie
   My dad called to Amanda early on Thursday morning to tell her that there were 3 kangaroos enjoying breakfast down near the back of our farm. Amanda almost jumped out of her skin as she was so excited to see them. We put on our warm clothes as it was still pretty chilly outside and we slowly walked down to see if we could get closer. We were able to get pretty close to them and get some good photos of them enjoying their breakfast. Shortly after we headed back to the house they hopped off to their next destination but at least Amanda was able to see wild kangaroos. Whether we see more on the trip is anyone's guess but at least we got to see them at least once.

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