Friday, February 1, 2013

His and Her Top 5 for Friday (2/1/13)

It's Friday so that means it's time for the weekend and the Top 5 for Friday:


1: Amanda: Had a wonderful date night with my hubby tonight. We had a delicious meal at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and then I had Sweet Frogs for dessert. Sean doesn't eat Sweet Frogs so we headed over to Coldstone for a shake for him. It was a good night out.

2: Sean: I ran my first 10k on Sunday and I was able to do it in 62 minutes which is within the qualifying times I need for the City2Surf. This is very encouraging as I will only get faster with more training runs so getting the times I need in the qualifying races seem to be within reach.

3: Amanda: I am still going to the gym even though school is hectic. I am trying to not make as many excuses and just remind myself that I have at least 20 minutes each day that I can go work out.

4: Sean: After all of the snow and ice last weekend it was good to see a couple of warmer days this week. It got up to 70F (20C) on Wednesday and was a welcome warmup after the cold snow.

5: Sean: I was able to go to the gym a few times this week and get some weight training in. It is good to mix up both the cardio and weight training so I am happy that I was able to get off work early enough to head to the gym.

How was your week?

Enjoy the weekend,

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