Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Her Photo-A-Day (Week 1, February, 2013)

Another week of snapping photos. Here's what I was able to capture...

2.2 Pattern
Sean loves Carvel ice cream cakes and he only gets one a year, on his birthday. He picked this one out because it was so amazing looking.

2.1 Fork
I did not take a photo on Friday (crazy, crazy day) so I decided to use my fork photo as a way of showing what the inside of Sean's ice cream cake looked like. To answer the question I know you are all asking - yes it tasted as good as it looked!

2.3 Something that Starts with an "E"
Photo: 2.3 Something that starts with "E" memory of Shellie and Sean's puppy, Enzo.
When Sean lived in Australia, he had a puppy named "Enzo". He was super cute and everyone loved him! Such a great puppy!!

2.4 Hope
Photo: 2.4 Hope...hope for a day of no more cancer!! #FMSphotoaday
My mom is a breast cancer survivor. I am so proud of her and I am so glad that she was able to find the lumps early so she could be here to see and love on her granddaughter (my niece). I hope and hope and hope for a day when there is no more cancer in the world!

2.5 Something You Smelled
Photo: 2.5 Something you Smelled...Chinese food!!
I love, love Chinese food. It smells good and tastes better.

2.6 Soft
Photo: 2.6 Soft...a pretty blanket to get warm during winter.
During winter, I am always cold. I am never without a blanket to curl up under to try and stay warm. This is my favorite!

That was my week of photos. Click the list below to join in the fun.
 February Photo A Day Challenge - Are you ready for some photo-taking fun?

Happy Snapping,

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