Wednesday, February 13, 2013

His and Her: Giving up for lent

         Today is the start of Lent and it been a tradition of ours to give something up for the duration - given the sacrifice Jesus made for us, this is something small we can do at this very special time of year. We try to pick items that we enjoy and would be hard to give up so it is a challenge. In years past we have given up items such as Twizzlers (me) and chocolate (Amanda). One of the most memorable ones was a few years ago when we gave up soda/fizzy drink. It was really hard at the start but by the time it was over, we didn't miss it as much. Since then we have not drunk as much soda. I have not had soda on a regular basis since and only drink it mixed with some sort of adult beverage.


         This week while we discussed what we would give up for Lent we had ideas from giving up cursing, ice cream/froyo, and candy. We ultimately decided to give up Chinese food as it is something we both love, order way too much of, and is a easy excuse not to cook. I am sure the local Chinese restaurant will wonder what happened to us but it will be a good challenge for us both. I am sure we will survive the challenge and look forward to having Chinese right after Lent ends. Or perhaps it will be like the soda and it will become a less frequent addition to our menu.

Do you plan to give anything up for Lent?

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