Monday, February 18, 2013

His and Her GBU (2/18/13)

What a great weekend!! Here's our recap...

Incorporating Color

Sean - I completed my first 10k race on Saturday. I did a few training runs at this distance but this was when it counted as I needed to post a time of under an hour so I could use it to qualify for the race in Sydney later this year. The course was a lot of fun and to top it off I was able to get a finish time of 59:31 which I was very happy with.
Amanda took photos of me finishing the race (I'm in the mustard-yellow rain coat).

Amanda - I was supposed to spend this weekend in the mountains area of Virginia with my very good friend. I was driving there when she called that her son was very sick. Poor baby!! :( I was close to Richmond so rather than turn back towards home, I went to see Sean run his race. I was happy I got to be there, spend time with my Dad (who had gone up with Sean), and cheer on my hubbie. I was sad that I didn't get to see my friend  but we are going to try again in a few weekends. 

Sean - The race on Saturday was in Richmond, VA which is about 2 hours from home. The weather was forecast to be potentially ugly but I wanted to run anyway. It stayed dry for most of the run but the last 15 minutes it started to rain and then turned to a wintry mix with snow as well. Thankfully, I had a raincoat so I didn't get chilled to death. The drive home was through a wintry mix which was not fun either but we made it home safely.

All our GBU moments were from Saturday - that's never happened before. If we branch out to Friday and Sunday, here are a few more events from our weekend...

Amanda - Friday night, the club I sponsor (with three other amazing teachers) sponsored the school dance as a fundraiser. I was expecting a couple of hundred dollars but was blown away when I saw that preliminary counts were showing that we made almost $700. The students in the Drama Club are working hard on their plays and I cannot wait to start spending that money on amazing props and costumes!

Sean - Sunday was a true day of rest in our household. We lazed around, Amanda watched a lot of DVR shows, and I watched some shows on Netflix. It was very low-key and very needed.
Amanda - Sunday wasn't all boring and low-key though. I found out that my latest Donors Choose project - two collections of high-interest novels - was funded. This one was especially sweet because my parents and cousin are the donors. I cannot wait to tell my students that their books, which they are excited about (I love that I have kids who want to read!!), are on the way.
So, that was our weekend. What did you do this past weekend?

Happy President's Day,


  1. How great that even though your plans didn't work out, you were close enough to Richmond to go watch the race... Did you freeze?

    1. It was cold but thankfully the race coordinators had a warming test set up. Coffee and heaters - much appreciated!!!

  2. Nice job on the race! And Amanda - school dances are a RIOT! I chaperoned my younger sister's last year, but the school I teach at unfortunately (or maybe fortunately...) doesn't have them. :)


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