Monday, February 4, 2013

His: 35th Birthday celebrations

 I celebrated my 35th birthday on Saturday. I am not big on birthdays but the rest of my family is so I join in the celebration as it makes them happy. I was actually looking forward to this birthday as I get to race in a new age group this year in my races and get to be the youngest in the 35-39 group rather than the oldest in the 30-34 age group that I was in last year. I had a great day out yesterday and here is a quick recap.

Amanda's Dad joined us
 We started off at the hairdressers as both of us needed a haircut. After that I hoped to play some disc golf with my father in law but it was far too windy and chilly to play so we headed over to Glazenfyre to paint some pottery. I have several projects that need to be worked on so it was good to be able to spend a couple of hours painting. Amanda needed a new project to paint and she decided on a coffee mug that she painted for me to drink hot chocolate out of for my birthday. I am looking forward to being able to pick up my birthday present next week.

      Once we were done painting at Glazenfyre we headed over to Amanda's parents' house for a while. It was my choice for where to go for dinner and after much thought I decided to go to Pirates Cove, our favourite seafood restaurant. I love their fried pollock as it's very tasty and the batter is nice and thin and not too crunchy. I also got to try their Oysters Rockefeller and they were quite tasty as well. It was a very nice birthday dinner.

    After dinner we headed back to in the in-laws for cake and presents. I am just about impossible to buy for but thankfully everyone got me just what I wanted - money that I can use towards new shoes and entry fees for races. The last treat for my birthday was my cake. I love ice cream cakes and only get to eat it once a year so it's a special treat. We picked a cake that looked like a huge cupcake and it was tasty. The only issue was that that it was hard to cut as it was soft of the outside and rock solid in the middle. I enjoyed the cool cake shape but think I will revert to the flatter ice cream cakes next year. 

I had a good day out and had a great birthday. Thank you for being a small part of it. What do you plan to do for your birthday this year?
PS - I know this isn't a true Good, Bad, and Ugly post but we are going to link up anyway. Hope the girls don't mind!
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  1. Happy birthday - sounds like your weekend was a ton of fun!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Thanks Kati, I had a good day out with family and that is the important thing. I also loved getting the icecream cake as its a special once a year treat.


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