Monday, March 17, 2014

His and Her Travel Review: Le Village Buffet - Paris Casino - Las Vegas

Just part of the serving stations at the buffet.
Las Vegas is best known for its various entertainment options including the gambling, the shows and many other attractions they have to offer. Each of these attractions bring in thousands of patrons each day and they all seem to come hungry. In addition to the shows and gambling, Las Vegas is well known for its buffet choices and those can be quite overwhelming. We had done some research on some of the buffets before landing in Las Vegas in August of last year, including the "Buffet of Buffets" pass that allows you to eat at 7 different buffets in a 24 hour period for about $50 a person. While this option would have controlled our food costs for our stay, we ultimately decided against it as many reviews warned that the lines for the buffets can be quite long. We still wanted to try one of the buffets, so we did some more research on the breakfast buffet choices and decided to try the "Le Village" buffet at the Paris casino.

The line for the Le Village Buffet.
    We wanted to try and beat the crowds but after traveling the previous day from Sydney, Australia we slept in a little bit and arrived at the buffet at 9am. There was a pretty long line, but we decided to wait it out as it had such good reviews and we had our hearts set on a good breakfast. We figured that a good breakfast would carry us through almost to dinner, with maybe a small snack around mid afternoon. We waited in line for about 45 minutes and were shown to our seats. The first thing I noticed was how well the buffet was decorated. I have never been to France, but I could imagine that a food court in a old French town would have looked very similar to this which is much nicer than the bland decor of most buffets you visit.
The dining area and some of the serving stations at the buffet.
The reviews we read promised a wide variety of food options and they didn't disappoint. There were several different serving stations that had just about every type of breakfast food imaginable (with the exception of Vegemite on toast -- thank goodness!!). Even though there were a lot of people in the buffet there were hardly any lines to get your food. The only place that had a long line was for getting a custom crepe. I thought about getting a crepe but I didn't feel like standing in line again after waiting so long just to get inside. Plus I had so many other delicous foods that I probably wouldn't have had room in my tummy. The food was very tasty and was as good as any restuarant I had been to. It was well worth the money I paid and I would go back again.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and after doing a little research we discovered that all the reviews said that the Paris casino was the best breakfast in Vegas. After waiting 45 minutes, I figured it had to be good. The layout was incredible - no lines and no bumping into people everywhere you went. The waitresses were refilling drinks quickly and they all had great attitudes and senses of humor. They had to be tired because the restaurant was so busy, but you couldn't tell. The variety of food was impressive. They seemed to have one of everything and all of it was good! When Sean and I go back to Las Vegas, I plan to eat breakfast at the Le Village most days. Worth the wait - great food - super nice staff - well laid out floor plan - it's pretty close to perfection!

Have you been to the Paris casino and tried Le Village? What was your experience?

Happy Traveling (and Eating),

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  1. Mmmm I love breakfast! I'm going to Vegas in August, so I'll have to put this on my itinerary. :) Thanks for linking up again!


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