Wednesday, March 19, 2014

His and Her ...if You Knew You Could Not Fail?

Last week as I was reading through some blogs, I found this great post from Jordan at All the Small Things. She posed a question I had seen before but had not stopped to actually answer. I asked Sean about it and he said the same thing. I asked Jordan's permission to steal her blog post idea and now, here we are. I don't know what Sean will write and he does not know what I will write. We are in the dark, like you all. 

Here is the question...

Here are our answers...

- I would open a restuarant that served Australian style food like meat pies, sausage rolls, pavlova, lamb roast etc. It would be true blue Australian tucker. 

- In addition to the Aussie resturant I would open a Chicago deep dish pizzeria in our area.

- I would enter an Ironman competition (2.4mile/3.8km swim,  112mile/180km bike ride and 26.2mile/42km run).

- I would also enter the Pikes Peak Half Marathon that goes from Manitou Springs and goes all the way up Pikes Peak. This race is brutal due to the elevation gain. The elevation gain (start to summit) is 7,815' (2,382 meters); the start is at 6,300' (1,920m) and the summit is 14,115' (4,302m)

- I would travel around the world and being able to afford to - experiencing new cultures and doing volunteer work at each location that I visited. 

-I would go back to school for my Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. It's not that I feel that I would fail the classes or program if I went back to school. I feel like I would fail at life - juggling full time teaching and a Master's program.

-I would open a bakery. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching and would miss it horribly if I was to quit. But the idea of opening a bakery and being able to spend all day baking and developing recipes sounds like an awesome adventure.

-I would write a Young Adult novel. I have had a few ideas over the years that I thought would make good books, but I have never had the ability to sit down and get started.

-I would lose the weight I have been trying to lose. Self sabotage is a powerful thing. Knowing I couldn't fail would quiet those nagging voices in my head.

-I would try IVF. The expense is too much for us to handle so we know that this is not an option for us down the line, but if I knew that I would become a mom, I would sign up tomorrow.

What a very powerful question, hiding in just one short sentence. What would some of your answers be? Join in the conversation below or on Facebook.

Happy Wednesday,

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  1. What a great prompt! Love your answers!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
    *100 Books to Read in a Lifestime Giveway happening now!*


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