Wednesday, December 11, 2013

His: GlazenFyre Gallery

Amanda and I both enjoy painting pottery at Glazenfyre which is a paint it yourself pottery studio. They sell different ceramic pieces that you can paint any way you like. After painting it, they glaze and fire it in the kiln, and about a week later it is ready for pickup. Amanda likes more simple designs and projects she can finish quickly. I however, am a glutton for punishment and make designs as intricate as possible. I wanted to share some of my favourite items that I have painted over the years.

My Favourite Australian Things plate.
This is a collage of some of my favourite brands and companies back home in Australia. I spent a few hours selecting and deciding where each logo would be positioned. Then began the long process of putting 3-4 coats of each colour on the plate. The project took about 35 hours to complete.

Baseball platter. Has all 30 MLB logos hand painted around the edge.

This is one of my favourite items that I have painted. It was one of my earlier pieces and took many hours of planning. I decided to paint the logos for all 30 MLB teams around the edge to make it more interesting. Many of the logos had very intricate details and some had to have one colour painted over the top of another. This had not been done successful very often in the past but I gave it my best shot and it turned out great. I even had a lady try to buy it from me as I was painting it but I politely declined. Total time for this platter and baseball was approx 55 hours.  

Logos from the Dharma Initiative from the TV Series "Lost"
I am a huge fan of the "Lost" TV series so I wanted to paint something from the show. Since I had just completed a few very detailed projects I went for something simpler. I figured this would be quicker as the black paint normally only needs one coat instead of 3-4 the other colours use but it still ended up taking about 15 hours. 

A bowl showing my Blue Ridge Extreme Challenge bicycle ride
I bought this bowl and didn't quite know what to do with it. My first few ideas didn't quite pan out and it almost just became a boring old yellow bowl. I rode a very hilly bicycling event in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I thought it would be a neat idea to map out the topography of the ride around the bowl. After a little planning and about 25 hours of painting the bowl came out just as well as I had hoped.

These are just some of the items I have painted. I hope to share more of the items that Amanda and I have painted in future posts. Which one is your favourite?




  1. Definitely the baseball platter. It was great watching the piece develop over the long hours you put into it. I have to say that it was the must frightening for us to fire. It really is a great piece, as are all the others that both you and Amanda create. :0)

  2. Oh Gosh, this logos painting looks awesome! It's neat and perfect, I thought it was printed. Ahhh, I love Milo!

    1. Milo is awesome! The logo plate is one of my favourite items too. Thanks for stopping by.


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