Thursday, December 5, 2013

Her Christmas 2013 Decorations Tour

It looks a lot like Christmas around here. Not just outside at the stores, but, thanks to the decorating work we did last weekend, it looks like Christmas inside. I love Christmas!! Decorating the house is a favorite activity of mine. I love putting up the tree, garland, wreaths, etc. I have had some of these items since I was a child. Other items are ones that we just got this year. I love the history and newness combined. But enough talking - here is a tour of our home's Christmas decorations.

Our banister is decorated with red and green garland and a silver bow. This is right by our front door so the decorations can be seen as soon as guests arrive.

 The coffee table is full of Christmas scented candles, some snowman decorations with photos from Christmases past, and a new addition to our decorations.
I saw some friends post pictures of this little tree and I told Sean that we had to find one. After some Google-ing, we found them at CVS. I love that it is the centerpiece of the coffee table, reminding us about the reason for the season. (That's what I always think of when I think of a Charlie Brown Christmas.)

 The fireplace is the centerpiece of our living room so it makes sense that we would have that be the focal point of our decorations. The tree is full of Hallmark ornaments that my mom has been collecting for me since I was a small child. I love looking back on life events through those ornaments. 

We usually hang the wreath from the front door but it gets smushed by the screen door. I like it better on the mantle with the garland. You can see on the edges of the mantle the cards from our kids that we sponsor through World Vision. They are last Christmas' cards and we have left them up all year. It makes us happy to think of our little Lennie and Henrry.

This is another new addition to our home this year. We bought it at the Christmas Market last weekend. (We talked about that Monday on our Weekend Shenanigan recap.) I loved that the bows of the reindeer were a polka dot ribbon, their facial expressions are so cute, and it helps balance the fireplace with the tree on the other side.

Finally, once the decorations were all up, it was time for Alex's annual Christmas portrait. This year we had trouble making him sit still (usually it isn't a problem), but a few of his favorite treats seemed to fix that. 

Merry Christmas Decorating everyone!!

How did you decorate this year?

Happy Decorating,

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  1. Love the decorations! We have the Charlie Brown tree, too! Your pooch is so cute!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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