Monday, December 2, 2013

His and Her Weekend Shenanigans (12/2/13)

We both love long weekends - who doesn't right?!? It's time to share our extra long --

Sami's Shenanigans

If you are new to our blog, WELCOME!! To make our posts easier to navigate, purple means Amanda is sharing, red means Sean is sharing, and blue is for both of us. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Thursday!
We spent the day with my parents at their house. We got over there early so we could watch the Macy's Parade and then the AKC Dog show - traditions that we have had for years. We ate lunch while we were watching the dog show. Then Dad switched over to football and I started knitting. Dinner was amazing, as usual, because my mom is such a great cook. We had turkey, twice-baked potatoes, deviled eggs, corn pudding, dressing, gravy, and rolls. There were only four of us but Mom always makes enough to feed a small army. I made the desserts and they were pretty good. I might try something different for Christmas. 
I am loving BitStrips!!! :)

Black Friday!
I am not a fan of crowds so I stayed away from the stores as much as possible on Black Friday. I relaxed for most of the morning then headed out to the local course for a quick round of disc golf. My in laws called and they needed me to help set up the TV they had bought during the sales. I headed over there, got the TV set up then came home. As I was getting ready to come home Amanda asked me to stop at Michaels and get some yarn. I was hoping that at 5pm the hard core bargain hunters were at home passed out and I was right. The lines were pretty short so my Black Friday shopping experience wasn't too bad --  8 minutes and $7 later my Black Friday experience was done!

Small Business Saturday!
We had many people to check off our shopping list so when I found the Virginia Beach Christmas Market, I knew I wanted to go. I put it on my calendar weeks ago and I was so excited. We walked around and saw each booth and found A LOT of things we wanted. Many people were checked off our shopping list with unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade gifts -- which, in my opinion, are the best kind. I cannot wait for my friends and family to open their gifts. 
I knit a little more Saturday night because there are a few things I want to have done by Christmas. I am not sure I can get it all done but I am hopeful!

Lazy Sunday, last day of break before heading back to the grind!
The day started off at the Platelet donation center. I donate about twice a month as it's one way I can help others in the community. If you have never donated blood or platelets but wanted to I encourage you to go to a blood drive near you. After the platelet donation I went and got Amanda a Christmas decoration she has been wanting, then headed home. The rest of the day was spent doing household chores including the weekly grocery shopping trip.

How was your weekend? We hope you enjoyed your long weekend and that you were able to spend time with your family and friends.

Happy Monday,


  1. I love watching the dog show, it's so much fun!

    That craft fair sounds awesome!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!


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