Wednesday, March 20, 2013

His: Living in America: Mar 20, 2013

      It has been many years since I graduated from high school and many of my teachers were grateful that they didn't have to deal with my antics anymore. Although I have not stepped foot on school property since, there is a night each year where all are welcome back to the school for a fun night of food, fun and entertainment. It is called International night and is one of the biggest fund raisers for the school each year.

    The main courtyard of the school (lovingly known as the quadrangle) is transformed one Friday night a year and is covered with hundreds of tables and chairs. The covered walkways around the edge of the courtyard are turned into makeshift food stalls selling traditional food from dozens of countries from around the world. Patrons buy meal tickets which can be exchanged for a meal at any of the food stalls. Many people buy several tickets so they can sample several different cuisines in one evening and share with family and friends. The school also has entertainment which includes the school bands so you aren't eating in silence.

    To reduce production costs the students are involved in creating some of the dishes and help serve and sell tickets. When I was a student in German class we spent a few days making black forest cherry cakes for sale at the event and we did a pretty good job at creating an authentic dessert. Students also assist in moving the hundreds of desks and chair from the classrooms to the courtyard before the event. I always liked to help as it got me out of my last class which usually was a class I didn't want to go to.

    International night was a good time to hang out with friends and try some different foods. As much as I would like to think it was an unique event, I am sure there are other schools somewhere that do something similar. If I happened to be in Tamworth when the event is on I would definitely go again . Sadly I don't have any photos of international night from when I was a student but I did find a youtube video online that gives a quick overview of the event. (Thanks to user petroidau for creating the video)

Did your school have an interesting fundraiser? If so please share with us.

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