Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Her Weigh In (3/12/13)

I was dreading this weigh in, that's for sure. Much damage was done by poor choices. Here goes -


What I did...
Right - Ummmmm...I honestly am not sure I did a whole lot right this week.

Wrong - Saturday, Saturday, Saturday! Brekkie out, lunch out, dinner out. I have got to work on this. --- I went over points - again! --- I didn't track each day and I skipped tracking some things that I knew were bad. --- I only earned 3 APs and I didn't go the gym at all or do any Zumba.
See what I mean?? I was a great, big WW slacker this week.

Goals for the Week:
~Eat right - focus on eating within my points and not going crazy on the weekend
~Earn APs - it is time to make time for the gym and Zumba
**I'm going to stick with that for now. This past week was so bad that I feel like I need to get back to basics.**

Recipes to Share:
Skinnytaste is my absolute favorite foodie blogger. I have never made a recipe of hers that I didn't like. Tonight we made Cheeseburger Casserole. Pasta, ground beef, tomatoes, cheese - what's not to love?? It really was delicious, easy to throw together, and I think it's going to make great leftover lunches. It's a good alternative to ordering cheeseburgers from Five Guys (and way less points too). 

*fingers crossed for a good coming week*

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