Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Her Weigh-In (3/26/13)

Hello Tuesday - aka Weigh-In Day! Here's what happened this week...


I was careful and tracked six days. I watched what I ate and tried to make some good decisions. The only meal that went way over points was our anniversary dinner on Saturday (we went to The Melting Pot). I tried the Intermediate level of Wii Zumba and went to the gym. I tried really hard to not make excuses for why I can't do things. Instead I tried to focus on all the reasons I should eat well/work out and how it would benefit me in the long run.

Last Week's Goals:
~Make better choices on Saturday
     I did OK with breakfast and lunch. Dinner, as I said above was at The Melting Pot.
~Go to the gym at least three times
     I went to the gym once and then did a 40 minute Zumba class on the Wii.

Goals for the Week:
~Earn 15 Activity Points

~Stay within my points

Recipes to Share:
I used to hate Chicken Cordon Bleu - probably because I hated swiss cheese. However, I have converted and Sean and I have several variations that we work into our menus every other week or so. This one is new to us but delish! It's from SkinnyTaste where everything is amazingly good. It is fairly simple to put together and isn't too many points for what you are getting. Try it, I know you will enjoy it! Click here for the recipe.


*fingers crossed for a good coming week*

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