Thursday, March 7, 2013

Her March Currently

A new month means a new link-up with Farley at Oh Boy - Fourth Grade! It's Currently time! 

(Typo - Thinking....the state tests are in two weeks. That was complete wishful thinking that I had another week to help my students feel prepared.)

Listening: I love Project Runway and I am really liking this season with the team's twists.

Loving: The high school students in our district have had iPads since the beginning of the year. There has been talk of giving them to the middle schoolers next year. I am super excited to have been chosen as a teacher-tester...meaning that I got an iPad on Tuesday so that I can trial having one in middle school. I love it already!!

Thinking: March 19 and March we come!

Wanting: There just never seems like there are enough hours in the day. I get up early and come home late -- during the in-between I am running like a chicken with her head cut off. After all that, there are still items that get pushed to the next day. *sigh* I just need more time!

Needing: This piggy-backs completely on the "Wanting" item. I love that my hubbie helps around the house but he has a full-time job too. The house is not wrecked but I know it could be cleaner and needs a deep, spring clean. Maybe during spring break I will have time to get that done.

Like, Love, Hate (the stipulation from Farley - all had to start with the first letter of my first name): 
     Apps - all the new apps on my iPad are making me happy
     Alex - my little fur-baby, coming home to him barking and yelping in excitement never fails to make a bad day better
     Arrogance - I cannot stand the whole "I'm so amazing...look at me, look at me" air that people put on. I can be arrogant at times also and it is one of my least favorite traits about myself - something I am definitely working on and wanting to erase.

Happy March!


  1. Hello,
    What a cute blog done by a husband and wife. Would love to read some bio info on you two and why you chose to do the blog together.

    Happy Weekend!

  2. You inspired me to link up with Currently! I enjoy reading about your and your husband's adventures each week!


  3. We just got iPads to use in our classrooms...I'm thinking I need one of my own!


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