Monday, March 25, 2013

His and Her GBU - Anniversary Edition

Happy Monday! Our 11th anniversary was this past weekend. Our GBU will be a little different this week as we recap how we celebrated our 11 years together.

Bad - Friday Night:
(Amanda) I have been coughing for the last ten days. I finally, after two pretty scary coughing fits, agreed to go to Patient's First (an Urgent Care facility). Two x-rays and a doctor's consult later, I left with a cough syrup, steroid, and antibiotic and a diagnosis of bronchitis. I have never had bronchitis before and I am not loving it now. Ugh!

Good - Saturday:
(Sean) I decided to take Amanda to The Melting Pot - a fondue restaurant - for dinner. I will let the pictures do the talking...
Cheese Fondue course to start (beer and cheddar cheese as the base)

Yum! Yum!

Amanda's favorite dipper for the cheese is the bread

2nd course - Caesar Salad
3rd course - Meats and veges cooked in a chicken broth

I decided to try duck for the first time

I liked it!

Cooking away!

4th course - Dessert with a special message from our server

4th course - Chocolate and caramel fondue with candied pecans

Ugly - Sunday:
(Amanda) I had every intention of cleaning the house from top to bottom on Sunday. I didn't have much school work to do so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Well, that was the plan. I took my cough syrup with codeine Saturday night and for some reason could not sleep. The medicine finally kicked in around 2:30 and I slept until 7:00. I felt like I was in a fog all day Sunday, as if the medicine did not wear off entirely. So my house is still ugly. :( Sean and I are going to make a schedule and clean one room a day this week. Here's our plan:
Monday - Bathrooms
Tuesday - Kitchen
Wednesday - Dining Room
Thursday - Living Room
Friday/Saturday - Dust, Vacuum, Mop Floors

How was your weekend? 

Happy Monday,

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