Friday, August 2, 2013

His: Throwing Plastic Down Under

You putt to a basket like this in disc golf

       As anyone who has traveled internationally knows, space in your suitcase is extremely limited. After spending a few hours packing enough gear to be away for a month I was happy to see a small pocket of space in my suitcase to store a few discs from my disc golf bag. As regular readers of the blog know, I love to play disc golf whenever I get the chance and being able to play in a new country sounded great.

        For those who don't know, disc golf is played in a similar format to regular golf but you throw discs rather than hitting a golf ball. The length of each hole is shorter (normally under 100m/300ft) and the "hole" is a basket similar to the one shown on the left. It's good for all ages and you can get started with just one $10-15 disc.

Tim teeing off on hole 4.
      I didn't get a chance to hit the local course until 2 weeks into the trip as we weren't close enough to a course. Once my sister and brother-in-law came back from their honeymoon, I took them to Jesmond Park to introduce them to the game. I had taken Amanda to a course near our home in the U.S but it was very wooded and it didn't end well. The course at Jesmond Park was much more open. It was a great place to take beginners as it had enough trees and bushes to punish you for a bad shot but was open enough that you didn't spend half your time looking for your disc in dense brush.

     It took a few holes for us to get warmed up and used to throwing the disc in the direction we wanted. Most of the shots went close to where we wanted them to, except for one that got lodged in a tree (thankfully we got it down with a big stick).  

Note from Amanda: What my sweet husband won't say here is that I was the one that threw the disc that got stuck in the tree. I couldn't believe that happened! 

     None of us looked like pros but we all had smiles on our faces and were enjoying playing the game together. The scores remained close and by the end of the 9 hole round the difference in score was just one throw.The Irelands (my sister and brother-in-law) won. Amanda and I are demanding a rematch.

     We took a bunch of photos of all of us playing. Enjoy!

Amanda throwing towards the basket.

Whoops! Disc got stuck up in the tree.

Shellie throwing the disc and Tim cheering her on

Me showing them how its done.

Tim putting into the basket
Shellie and Tim sizing up their next shot.

Amanda putting on hole 9 (She made it in)

May your drives be straight and your putts go in. Happy Golfing,

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  1. Very cool! This is big around here where we live but I have yet to snag someone to teach me how to play. Definitely on my bucket list for this next year. Thanks for sharing!


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