Thursday, August 22, 2013

Her Getting Back

Every year I buy pencils and pens for my students to borrow as needed. ---- Key word --- borrow! But because I teach middle school, I usually am out of pencils/pens by midyear. Last year was particularly bad because I was out of pencils and pens by the end of November. I have seen many ideas online, on other blogs, and Pinterest about how to "tag" pencils. I decided to go simple. Here is what I did...

I went to Target to pick up the materials I needed. A box of plain pencils and some zebra print tape. (The theme of my room is zebra print.)

I cut a small strip of tape and put it on the end of the pencil.

Then I just rolled it up. Simple as that!

All 60 pencils took about 30 minutes with Sean's help. He cut the tape as I rolled the pencils. 

Now when my pencils are borrowed I will know who has them so I can ask for them back. I know I could let the kids keep the pencils but I hate running out and not being able to afford to buy more mid-year. I really want them to last this year. *fingers crossed*

How do you keep track of borrowed supplies?

Happy Teacher Prepping,

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  1. I have found hat often they have stuff in their locker and are too lazy to go get it. So, I make them write with a crayon or color pencil. They usually give those back.


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