Wednesday, August 14, 2013

His and Her Day that Never Ends

Well, the day we have been dreading is here. Today is the day we leave Australia and travel back to the U.S. Though there are things we have missed (Amanda's parents, our doggie Alex, Chick-Fil-A, driving on the correct side of the road ;) , etc), there are so many things about Australia that are painful to leave. *sigh* 

---To avoid any more tears today we will move on to something weird and different ---

If you recall at the beginning of our trip, we wrote about our day that doesn't exist thanks to the International Date Line. You can check out the post here. We mentioned in the post that we will get that day back and today is the day. 


Our flight to San Francisco leaves Sydney at 2:45pm and after 14+ hours in the air we land in California at 11am, almost 4 hours before we departed Sydney. It's weird enough when you lose a day coming to Australia (you are on the aircraft for so long it feels like you have been on there for a day and a half) but landing hours before you left after being on a trans-Pacific flight for so long is unsettling. It's almost like being in one of the Back to The Future movies. It would be even weirder going to Honolulu and landing the night before we left!

We will be spending two days in Las Vegas before heading home to Virginia. Which casinos do we need to make sure we visit? 

Happy Travels,

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