Friday, August 24, 2012

His and Her Top 5 for Friday, 8/24/2012

Hey all! I (Amanda) have read a few other bloggers who do a top 5 events from the week on Fridays. It seemed like a fun idea so we are stealing borrowing the idea. :) Here goes...

1. Four bags!! 
I (Amanda) am so excited that last Sunday I was able to purge my closet of clothes that are too big and get ready for all the new clothes I will be buying this weekend!

2. Room ready!! 
I (Amanda) love that my parents and Sean came out this week to help me set up my room. I really appreciate that they are willing to give up their time to help me.

3. Origami Owl!! 
I (Amanda) went to an Origami Owl party on Tuesday night and I cannot wait to get my new locket. Pics will be posted so you can see the charms I chose. Seriously, I cannot wait!!!!!

4. Delish dinner!! I (Sean) had an amazing dinner of fish and chips with creme brulee for dessert at an Irish Pub last Saturday night. The fact that Amanda and her parents were there to share in great conversation just made the dinner better.

5. Donation!! I (Sean) always feel good when I am able to donate platelets because I know it helps those in need. You should consider signing up to donate too. Check out there information here.

So those are our top five moments of the week. What would make your top 5 of the week list?


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