Thursday, August 16, 2012

Her Favorite WW Recipe Blogs

It is hard losing weight. Just yesterday I found a poster on Pinterest that said...
This is the original link for that poster.

That is so true! Losing weight is hard - you have to monitor what you are eating more then before, you have to force (or trick in my case) your body and mind to want to get up and move, and you have to try to stay positive or you will slip-slide back up to where you were before.

Staying overweight is harder though. It's harder on your body psychically - I could spend hours just listing the problems I have had and do have from being so overweight for so long. It is hard mentally as well. Dealing with the looks, comments, and inner feelings of not being good enough because of the weight is taxing and draining on a person.

Thankfully I have found four women who have made it their mission to help those of us who are trying to lose weight to eat fun, delicious, and easy meals and who have decided that we should not give up the foods we love just to lose weight. I wish I could thank each one of them personally for making the process a little simpler and a lot more delicious.

First is...
I have talked about some of her recipes on the blog before but she is a genius when it comes to taking food that we all know and love and transforming them into healthier options. I make a SkinnyTaste dish probably once a week for Sean and I. When I need a new recipe, this is the first place I stop. If you haven't been by to see her ideas, I really recommend that you do so. :) Amazing!

Second is...
This blog is a relatively new find for me but I am in love already. I found the "desserts" category of her site pinned on Pinterest and checked it out. She has some amazing desserts from cookies to bread pudding to a Mexican Chocolate Cake that she just pinned this week that I know I will be making soon. Her savory dishes are equally impressive.

Third is...
This blog I found through the Weight Watchers site. I love her recipes and have tried many. They have all been easy and delicious! 


This is a new find for me as well and I have not perused this site as much as the others. She has some great ideas though that I am sure Sean and I will be trying soon.

Each site has a "Search" option and an index. If you are looking for a new dinner or a way to lighten up an old favorite, I would absolutely encourage you to check out these sites. I'm sure you will love them and come to rely on them as much as I do.

Do you have any other sites where you get great WW or low-fat recipes? Please share if you do! :)


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