Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Her 33rd Birthday

A birthday message from Sean 
Today is my birthday! :) My mom and dad always made a big deal of birthdays when I was growing up. They would wake me singing and make a point to say "Happy Birthday" at multiple times during the day. My grandparents would call and sing happy birthday as well and my aunt would call but not necessarily sing. I usually had two parties - one for my friends at a pool or bowling alley and one at home for my family. Some of my best memories growing up are of my birthday parties and feeling so special.

During the day today I watched the Olympics - not such a good day for some USA teams (I felt horrible for the men's volleyball and men's water polo teams). I absolutely love seeing the teams compete and hearing the stories of the athletes as they try their best and show the pride they have for their homeland. Did you see the story today about the female runner from Saudi Arabia? This is the first year women have competed for that country; she came in last in her heat but I'm pretty sure she, and thousands of women from Saudi Arabia, did not care one bit. 

My present from Sean is at my parents' house to stop me from finding it while he was at work - I am not a snooper but he was worried I would start cleaning and stumble across it. He brought me home a present to enjoy until he can get my gift from their house.

Yum! Yum!

He also brought home something I ordered from Very Jane. This is like Groupon for Etsy/handmade products. It is a crocheted flower ring with a faux pearl center. It is on an adjustable band and I love it! I got a white one too. I have ordered a few things through Very Jane over the last few weeks. They have such cute items! You should check them out here

We decided to go out for my birthday dinner. Sean and I both like going to Japanese Steakhouses and we have a great one nearby. We didn't take any photos but the cook did the flaming volcano and he flipped the egg on the spatula. It was very impressive - and tasty!

Sean told me earlier today that he wanted to take me to see my "favorite amphibian" after dinner. It took me a minute to realize what he meant. I was not going to turn it down so after dinner we went to Sweet Frogs for my favorite combination - cookies and cream froyo, brownies, chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate syrup. Yum yum! (Yes I do know how many points it is and surprisingly it is not that bad. Worth it definitely!)

So I am 33 now. I am happy, healthy, and making lifestyle changes that are making me happier and healthier each day. I have an amazing family, awesome friends, and a job that I love that fills me with pride and joy. I'd say life is good...nope, life is great!


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