Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break Recap

Sorry about the bloggy break we took! We intended to post during my Spring Break but things were (good) busier than expected and blogging fell by the wayside. Never fear though - we are back up and running this week. 

To recap Spring Break, I am going to use some of the photos we took. There were many so I will try to pare it down for you.

Easter Sunday: We spent the day with my parents, sister (Jenn), brother-in-law (Andy), and our beautiful and oh-so-adorable niece, Bennett.
 Bennett is wearing the scarf I knit for her - pink, purple, and white yarn with white fringe.

Monday: Jenn, Andy, my mom, and I took Bennett for her first trip to the beach.

My favorite is the top left photo because Jenn looks so incredibly happy.

Tuesday: The family (minus my dad who was under the weather) took family portraits at Picture People in the mall. Bennett is so cute and will hold a smile for a photographer so all the photos were amazing. Here are a few.
 Bennett's hand positions make this photo even better.

 The girls :)

Super Bennett! (This pose always makes her smile.)

Happy -- Shopping day! Jenn and I went to an outlet mall that is about an hour away for some sister-time and serious shopping. I got some great new outfits for spring that I will blog about later this week.
Sad -- My grandmother has been dealing with Alzheimer's for many years. After a bout of stomach flu that left her dehydrated she was placed in the hospital. My sister took Bennett to meet her great-grandmother and all of us were in tears. There are days when Nana does not know us, but she reached out and held Bennett's hand when Jenn introduced them. I believe in my heart she knew Bennett was her grand-grandbaby and was thrilled to meet her.

Thursday: I stayed on my side of the city so I could get some R&R --- but more importantly, get some laundry done.
The day, however, was not completely boring. Sean and I gave up Chinese food for Lent - a struggle for the two of us, let me tell you. Thursday night we made sure to get some chicken and broccoli (for me) and sesame chicken (for Sean) to break our Lenten fast. Yum yum!

Friday: Mom, Jenn, and I spent some more time at the hospital with my Nana. I started a new knitting project - a scarf for my sister. (I actually finished a few projects over Spring Break so I will have to blog about those soon.) Then the whole family got together and went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Saturday: Jenn and Bennett were heading back to SC (Andy had to leave Wednesday to return to work). I got to hold Bennett for one last nap and then they had to leave. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can fly down and spend some time with them.

Sunday: Sean and I went to church and ran a few errands. We came home where I did approximately 20 loads of laundry (it wasn't that many - but it sure felt like it) and I got ready to go back to work. *sigh* How many days until summer vacation?

Overall, this may have been my favorite Spring Break ever. I read a few books, finished a few knitting projects, watched a bunch of DVR shows...but more importantly, I got to spend a lot of time with my family.  I hope your Spring Break was as amazing as mine. 

Happy Spring everyone!!

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  1. Sounds like a great spring break! Love the picture of the girls... and the one where super baby is planking!


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