Sunday, April 14, 2013

His and Her GBU, 4/15/2013

It has been a few Mondays since we linked up with Kate and Kati for the GBU. We are happy to be back! Here's our weekend highlights -

Incorporating Color

(Amanda) We have found our new church home here in Western Branch. We both love this place, feel very welcomed, and have made this decision after praying long and hard. So excited to have a church home again!

I (Sean) ran my first half marathon on Saturday. Running 13.1 miles took its toll and I am still feeling the after effects. My thighs are still screaming in protest along with part of my left foot. I am pretty sore but it was well worth it so its not all bad. I have told myself several times this weekend that the pain is temporary but the results are forever!

(Sean) Our back yard was getting overrun by tons of weeds. They were pretty dormant during the winter but as soon as it warmed up they blossomed and were trying to compete with our 5 wonderful rose bushes. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon clearing the weeds and although the garden bed is not perfect it is a lot better than before.

How was your weekend? Link up with Kati and Kate to share your goings-on. :)

Happy Monday,


  1. Welcome back - I missed you guys! SO GLAD you found a church. I went through the church hopping stage a few months ago, and it was miserable. It's great to find a church community where you feel like you belong. :)

  2. How great that you found a church you like. And... a half marathon??? Dang... sounds miserable, but what a great accomplishment!


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