Monday, April 22, 2013

His and Her GBU (4/22/13)

Hello everyone! Happy Monday!! We are linking up as we always do for the Weekend GBU but before we do...

I (Amanda) need to ask for prayers for my former and current students who lost a classmate last night. She was truly an angel on Earth - someone who was always smiling, happy, never met someone she didn't like. She was the girl who tried to make a classmate's day better if they were sad and someone who was a true friend to all. She will be truly missed by the entire community. Please pray for her family, for her friends, for her graduating class (she was a senior this year), and for all those who love her. Thank you! 


Incorporating Color

Good -
Color Me Rad 5K - (Amanda)
I have seen photos of friends on Facebook who have done color runs in the past and I was jealous. I wanted to do one and was so excited to find out one was coming nearby. I signed up, got some friends to sign up, and on Saturday we walked 3.1 miles visiting 6 color stations to be decorated. Here are some of the amazing photos that Sean took of the walk.
Getting started - all clean!

Purple station first

Yellow station - they sprayed this color at you

Orange station (the wind kicked up so the pics are so fun!!)

Green station (another spray - I made sure to turn around at each station so they could get my back and front)

Pink station

3.1 miles done - decoration done - soooo very much fun!!

Bad - 
(Amanda) My grandmother, whom I love so very dearly, has been suffering from dementia for many years. She is now in a lot of pain, she is bedridden, Hospice caretakers are with her daily (as is my mom), and she is struggling. It is so hard to see her so frail and sickly. My prayer is for peace and comfort and if you are a prayer-ful person, would you join me in that prayer? I know God is listening and it would be appreciated by my whole family.

Ugly -
(Sean) I had a great time hanging out with Amanda and the team at the Color Me Rad on Saturday. The only issue was that fine powder irritates my lungs and sinuses so I felt the after effects Sunday. With some luck it should go away in the next day or two.


How was your weekend?

Happy Monday,


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. The Color Run looks like a lot of fun.

    Sorry to hear about your former student and your grandmother. I'll be praying.

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss. I'm sure that is extremely hard for everyone right now.

    On a brighter note, the Color Run does look like it was a fun event to be a part of!


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