Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Her Spring Break Weigh-Ins

Happy Tuesday! I always find Tuesdays after breaks to be harder than Mondays - harder to get up, harder to find energy, just plain harder. Anyone with me on that one?

Tuesday around here also means weigh-in day. I weighed in last week also but didn't blog about it so I will share both. Here goes...

Last week's weigh-in: +1.8 (EEK!!)
This week's weigh-in: -0.3 (EEP!!)

If you saw my post yesterday (click here if you missed it) we had a very busy but very fun Spring Break. We ate dinner out quite a bit so it was hard for me to stay on plan. I did watch what I was eating and made better choices while out at the restaurants. I also made a conscious decision to drink more water and less soda which I am proud of myself for. 

I will forgo the goals recap for last week since I know I did not accomplish either. This week's goals are:
~Track all 7 days
~Go to the gym 3 times this week

Recipe to Share:
I love, love, love Fettuccine Alfredo but I know how disastrous that dish can be to anyone who is trying to lose weight. All the butter and cream can do in any diet. You can imagine my excitement when I found this recipe from Point-less Meals for a "skinny" Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken. It was every bit as good as the original and I think this is going to be a new fave in our household. 

*fingers crossed for a good week*

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