Thursday, April 25, 2013

Her Grandmother

Harryette Paramore Kellam Thomas
January 17, 1922 - April 25, 2013

My amazing grandmother, whom I called Nana, is dancing and joyful with the Lord in Heaven today. I miss her immensely but am thankful and grateful that her pain has ended, her memories have returned to her (she had dementia in later life), and she has reunited with all her beloved family and friends who went ahead of her.

I am remembering all kinds of things today...

She was the grandmother who did summersaults with my sister and I in the front yard - with her mother yelling at her from the porch.

She was the grandmother who got in our kiddie-pool, but made sure she had a shower cap on her head so her hair would not get messed up.

She was the grandmother who took me shopping at Farm Fresh when I stayed with her overnight - and made sure we visited the cookie and ice cream aisle. She would say, "Let's go get some fun food." Then she would wink and I could pick whatever I wanted.

She was the grandmother who came to every birthday party, Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc. She never missed a holiday or a chance to spend time with her family.  

 She was the woman who attended church every Sunday.

She was the woman who led Bible study, led a women's group, collected offering, worked as a greeter or usher, was an elder, and did many other things around the church.

She was the woman who read the Bible every morning - with her coffee.

She was the woman who studied the word of God using The Daily Bread every day.

She was the good and faithful servant that God calls us all to be - I know she heard those words today when she arrived home in Heaven. 

She was the woman who refused to eat the deer meat my dad had cooked - but loved it when we told her it was beef pot roast.

She was the woman who spit on the worms when we were fishing, because my other grandmother told her it attracted fish.

She was the woman who insisted we say grace at every meal, but would start eating way before because she was tired of waiting for all of us to get it together and sit down.

She was the woman who could not walk past a wrapped present with her name on it. It had to be opened!!

She was the woman who was always full after dinner - unless there was dessert. 

She was the woman who kept chocolate in her house, because there is always room for chocolate. 

She was the woman who needed a cup of ice with her coffee. She did not take coffee with any cream or sugar, just one ice cube please.

She was the woman who would travel to Moyock with my other grandmother to get a barbecue sandwich. She was also the woman who would travel to meet her brother for a crab cake. Traveling to spend time with family was never a problem for her, eating good food was a bonus.

She was the woman who drove a silver Cadillac - lovingly called the Silver Bullet because of her lead foot.

She was the grandmother who called Sean and Andy (my brother-in-law) her grandsons (rather than grandson-in-law).

She was the grandmother who loved her family with a passion that was unwavering.

She was the grandmother who taught me what it means to be a Christian.

She was the grandmother who showed me what it means to be a loving mom and grandmother.

She was the grandmother (I am lucky to be able to say this about both of my grandmothers) who showed me compassion, care, kindness, and love each and every day. There was never a day that I questioned whether she would be there for me, give me whatever I needed, help me with whatever problem I had, or guide me through whatever obstacle I was facing. She was one of my guideposts in life and I am grateful to be her granddaughter.

Today the family is mourning our loss but we are grateful that she is out of pain and joyful that she is rejoicing in Heaven watching over us all. 

Rest in Peace, Nana. We love you!!


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  1. What a beautiful testimony to your grandmother's life. I can see why thinking about her would make you smile!


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