Wednesday, April 10, 2013

His: Living in america - April 10

It has been a long cold winter in Virginia and we have finally gotten some warmer temperatures over the last few days. I can finally say spring weather is finally here even if it was a few weeks later than scheduled. Spring brings warmer weather, blossoming flowers, plenty of pollen, baseball (Yay!) and ice cream trucks. Every day around 5pm you will here the melodies of the ice cream truck summoning the children outside to buy their favourite frozen treat.

     We had ice cream trucks in Australia but it only came by our house once a week on Sunday afternoons. The whole family would get something so we would have the money ready by the door and I was ready to race outside and up the hill so the truck would stop before turning onto a side street and away from the house. You had the choice of vanilla, chocolate or swirl soft serve in a cup, single or double cone and then for a small charge you could add chopped peanuts and malt. I believe there were other options like sundaes but we always got the cones with nuts and malt and they were very tasty.

           I had been in America for almost 10 years before I got to sample the goods from an American ice cream truck. This was mostly due to us living on a busy street or apartment where there were no ice cream trucks or me not having cash on me at the time. One afternoon we were at Amanda's grandmother's house and we heard the melodies of the ice cream truck. This brought back childhood memories and I raced out of the house, dreaming about tasty soft serve cones with nuts and malt. The truck was on the other side of the street so I raced around to see what options I had. Once I saw the pictures my heart fell as they had no soft serve, just ice-cream sandwiches, popsicles and other prepackaged frozen treats. Amanda joined me a few moments later and I expressed my disappointment about the lack of soft serve on this truck. I figured Ice cream trucks here would sell soft serve just like they did in Australia but this was not the case. She explained to me that most ice cream trucks sell the prepackaged treats rather than soft serve and that pretty much ended my fascination with the American ice-cream truck.

       I have since learned that there are soft serve ice cream trucks in America but mostly in larger cities like New York. The other thing I have learned to look for is to see if they have pictures or murals of soft serve cones or just the prepackaged treats on the truck itself as it will give you an indication of what items they will sell. Perhaps one day I will run into a soft serve ice cream truck one day and I can once again relive my child hood memories and enjoy a soft serve treat from the side of the street.


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