Thursday, April 11, 2013

Her April "Currently"

I am so behind the ball on this one. Taking a week off of blogging really put me behind schedule. That's OK though - it's still April which means I can link up with Farley at Oh'Boy 4th Grade for her monthly Currently. Here goes...

Listening - It is a very peaceful time here in our household...two are sleeping and one is typing away on the computer. The washing machine is going, going, going - I am in awe sometimes of how much laundry two people can create!

Loving - My sister, brother-in-law, and baby niece spent Spring Break here with us. You can check out my post from Monday to see what we got up to. 

Thinking - We had a nice long winter here in the southeast corner of Virginia. Even I, who love winter, was ready for spring. This week, each day has been in the 80s and sunny. I am so glad Mother Nature let go of whatever hold she had on winter and let spring come in. Now it's time to start thinking about the gardens that need tending to.

Wanting - I wish I could blame spring and the warm weather for my students lack of motivation but they have been unmotivated for a long time. I feel so exhausted at the end of the day because I have to be "on" and at full speed just to keep them interested in what we are learning. If anyone has any ideas for how to keep middle schoolers motivated, I am all ears!! I need something new to help them want to learn.

Needing - I think I do the same thing for "needing" each month and that's because I feel like the only thing I really and honestly need is more hours in the day. Between the regular school day and the after school commitments (mandatory and lengthy) three days a week, I am already late coming home. I spend time with Sean and then try to relax with a good TV show but I am usually working on school work so it's not too relaxing. I would love to be able to knit a little each day and read more than 10 pages of whatever novel I am limping through, but there usually isn't time. *sigh* Where is Hermoine's Time Turner? Perhaps I could buy that off of J.K. Rowling and get more hours that way.

Advice - (I found the typo after making the picture. Dolly Parton's character is Truvy - not Truly...oopsies!) I absolutely love this quote. I can hear Dolly Parton saying the line in my head which makes me smile automatically because her character was so happy in that scene. I am a firm believer in the idea that a smile can change your disposition. Even if you are not feeling smile-y and happy, if you put a smile on your face you will add a smile to your heart. When I feel myself snapping at my students or husband or just being in a overall grouchy mood, I try to think of this quote, smile, and see if that doesn't turn me around. Most of the time - it does. :)

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Happy April!


  1. Hi Amanda! I love love love Steel Magnolias - great quote! Nothing like a good old movie on a rainy day! :) Found your blog from the linky,very cute! I'm at

  2. Sometimes a smile can make all the difference.

    Motivating middle schoolers, that isn't my gift {I teach Kindergarten}. I did feel like I had to really engage my 5th graders, that was much harder than it is in Kinder - FOR SURE! Ever read/heard of Teach Like a Champion? It was a great book, it had TONS of strategies for motivating kids at all levels. The video clips were mostly of MS/HS classrooms too.

    Good luck!


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