Monday, June 1, 2015

His and Her More and Less, June 2015

I follow a bunch of blogs (it has to be over 50 - I've never counted, but it's a lot). Each blogger has great ideas, unique writing styles, and fun content. I love getting to read the blogs each day.

A few months ago, I came across a blog post of Mores and Lesses (that's clearly not a word, because blogger has underlined it in red for me - how nice - but since I am an English teacher, I can make up least that's what I tell my students...haha). I love, love, love this idea so Sean and I are starting today. 

The basic premise is to decide some things that you need more of and some things you need less of for the month and blog about them on the 1st. On the last day of the month, you come back and check-in, sharing how you did with your items.

Note: I will let this post go live in the morning like I usually do (because we prep blog posts on Sundays to make it easier on us during the week), but when I find the original author and linky, I will come back and link up.

Amanda's More and Less for the month of June:
More - Knitting! I have so many projects on the needles and they are ones that I want to see finished - a sock, a square of my afghan, a cowl. And I have so many projects that I want to start - a sweater, a shawl, a gift for a family member. It's time to knit!

More - Devotions! During Lent, I made a deal with myself that I was not allowed to check any social media sites or turn on the TV until I had finished my devotion and quiet time with God. I've gotten out of that habit and it's time to get back to it. It made my days seem easier, calmer, and more centered. She Reads Truth is starting a summer long devotion series on women in the Bible. Time to dive in!

Less - Complaining! I have been in a very negative place lately. Everything is coming out in cynicism and disgust. I don't like it! It's time to change. 

Less - Procrastinating! I am the Queen of Procrastination. I can procrastinate anything and everything. Cleaning, school work, chores - you name it, I can put it off until tomorrow. I'm hoping to get a handle on that because when it all builds up I feel stressed and frustrated, which I could stop if I just stopped procrastinating.

Sean's More and Less for the month of June:
More - Running! It seems like I have not had enough time recently to fit in a run, but I am going to have to start making the time. Running always gives me a sense of achievement and calm. I miss it.

More -  Biking! I have been lazy recently and have been driving to work instead of biking. Now that it is no longer freezing outside, it is perfect biking weather. I really want to start again. 

Less - Snacking! I eat way too many empty calories and it would be great to reduce that each day. It would make the running and biking more effective too.

Less - Procrastinating! Amanda says I am the King of Procrastination. If it something I don't want to do, my motto is "Just do it tomorrow". The problem is - tomorrow never comes. This frustrates Amanda, and, if I'm being honest, me, because the items need to get done. I have a list for this month and I will check them all off.

We will work on these throughout the month. Check back here on the 30th to see how we did.

What would you like to do more or less of this month?

Happy June,


  1. I love this idea.

    More: writing, calling loved ones (I'm not the best at picking up the phone for a chat), and walking. I spend to much time at my desk.

    Less: procrastinating (yup, that's one for me too).

  2. This is a great thing to do to focus on goals for the month! Great mores/lesses for the two of you!

    More: Calorie counting.

    Less: Like Sean, empty calorie foods.


  3. First I love this idea and good luck to the both of you. I will definitely be checking in at the end of the month to see how you did! Sean, we are on the same page I could put all of those for myself as well. I need to start running again I miss it. Asthma kicked my butt so its time for a comeback. Amanda I really, really love the devotion thought!! I have been struggling in that department ever since my mom past. Its been a year so time to move on and what a better way to do so! I have to thank you both for the insperation today.

  4. This is such a great idea! goof luck with completing your more & less-es!


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