Friday, January 9, 2015

His and Her One Year Ago TBT: Would You Rather?

When I wanted to find a TBT post for today, I thought it would be fun to see if we had a post from January 8, 2014 and we did! I really liked the idea of posting a one-year-later TBT so here we go.

We are linking up again for the super fun Would You Rather? party. Here we go -

Would You Rather…

… kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab?
Amanda - I am terrified - with a capital DON'T COME NEAR ME - of jelly fish so, though I know it would hurt like crazy, I am going to have to step on a crab.
Sean - I would kiss the jellyfish. Stepping on a crab sounds painful plus I could kiss the bell of the jellyfish, which is not venomous. No one said which part of the jellyfish I had to kiss right?

… forget who you are or forget everyone else?
Amanda - I would rather forget who I am. At least then I would remember the names and connections of everyone else and they could tell me all our fun stories.
Sean - I would also rather forget who I am. Someone could make me a short video or book of who I am plus the girl on "50 First Dates" fared well even though she woke up each day not knowing who she was.

… meet a space alien or travel to space?
Amanda - Even though I am supremely afraid of heights and I hate the take off part of a regular flight, I think it would be amazing and beautiful to travel to space. The sights...the zero gravity...all of it. *sigh* Maybe Richard Branson will take me when he takes Tom Hanks and Katy Perry in 2014. That would be so much fun!!
Sean - Meet an alien. Its bad enough having to sit inside an aluminum can with wings for 14 hours to cross the Pacific Ocean, let alone several months or years crammed in an even smaller can to fly around in space.

We love this new link up! Click the logo above to go to Jennifer's blog to join in the fun. If you don't have a blog, choose a question (or all of them) and answer them in a comment or on Facebook. **Amanda's favorite was the last one and she is wondering about everyone's answers.**

Happy Hump Day,

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