Friday, January 2, 2015

Her Top 5 for Friday (1.2.15)

Happy Friday! Though today is a bittersweet Friday. Sean is back at work after taking the week off to spend time with his dad and stepmom. It's my last weekday of break from school. But it is a Friday and we have our church group meeting tonight so that makes it sweet. 

We hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and a wonderful start to the New Year. It's hard to believe that it is 2015 already. Didn't 2014 just start? *sigh* Time is rolling by so quickly. 

Well, without further ado, here are my top 5 events from this week:

1. Are you going to be the "Biggest Loser"?
I am ready to get back on the healthy and detoxing track after some indulging over the holidays. Thank goodness for Arbonne! I am hosting a biggest loser style challenge for those who are ready for an easy way to eat cleanly and be healthier. I would love it if you all joined me!

2-5. Family Visits
Sean's dad and stepmom have been traveling around Europe for 5 weeks. They stopped by here for a few days on their way home to Australia. It was so great to spend time with them. 

We took them to a Mexican restaurant for enchiladas and fajitas. They loved them!
Mexican food is yummy!
We also visited Colonial Williamsburg for some good ole U.S. history.
Hello Governor!
While visiting the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, we got to see a cargo ship go out into the ocean over the car tunnel. So cool!
Safe travels to the crew!
Sean's stepmom got to touch the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. One of my favorite things to do in Australia is go visit the Pacific Ocean so I thought she would like to do this while here. She had fun!
Atlantic Ocean - meet Liz!
You can tell from the pic below that Sean and his dad are very similar in looks. It's uncanny how similar they are. He loved having his dad and stepmom here. I hope they can visit again soon!
How did you spend the last few days of 2014 and they first of 2015?

Happy New Year,


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  1. It looks like a great top 5! Your pic of Colonial Williamsburg makes me homesick for my time at W&M!


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