Thursday, October 3, 2013

Her Latest Readings

I have reviewed a few book series on the blog before...
I recently finished rereading a series of five novels that I wanted to share them with you all. They are written by - 

This is one of Nora Roberts' older series. It centers around a family of four young women named C.C., Amanda, Lilah, and Suzanna Calhoun. The fifth book is about a young girl named Megan who is quasi-adopted into the family. They were raised by the aunt, Coco, and they have a great aunt who comes in and out of the stories named, Colleen. Suzanna has two children named Adam and Jenny; Megan has a son named Kevin. The men who float into their lives are Trent, Sloan, Max, Holt, and Nathaniel. A few puppies enter the mix as well; their names are Fred, Suzie, and Dog.

The story is set in a coastal Maine town in the girls' home known as The Towers. This house was built by their grandfather and is a massive structure built on the sea cliffs. It is made of stone and referred to as a castle. The history of the house and the location add an extra dimension to the stories. 

If the novels were only about these five women finding love, they would be good stories. However, in true Nora Roberts fashion she adds twists and suspense. This time it takes the shape of an old family legend about the girls' great-grandmother who was in a horrible marriage and who committed suicide. They are convinced that Bianca, the grandmother, is trying to help them find her lost emerald necklace that will allow them to save their home - her home - from ruin. Mixed into the four books seamlessly, the story of Bianca, her tragedy, the emerald necklace, and family loyalty and love, provide a suspenseful and delightful background. As much as I like reading how each woman and man found each other and fell in love, it is the background story of Bianca and her struggles that makes me want to read this series again and again. 

I linked the books below to Barnes and Noble. If you like a little intrigue with your love stories, then I think you will like this series.
Courting Catherine (Calhoun Women Series #1)
Man for Amanda (Calhoun Women Series #2)
For the Love of Lilah (Calhoun Women Series #3)
Suzanna's Surrender (Calhoun Women Series #4)
Megan's Mate
Have any of you read this series before? Did you like the books?

Happy Reading,

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