Thursday, October 3, 2013

His: Living in America - My Fav Treats in Australia

I have been back in America for about 6 weeks or so after spending a month with family and friends in Australia. I brought back some of my favourite treats but sadly the stash is looking pretty dire and that made me think about some of my favourite treats while I was in Australia. (If someone wants to help replenish my stock please let me know and I will be happy to send you a list and my mailing address.) Most of them are old favourites but there are a few new ones as well. So here are some of my new fav treats that I can't get in America.

Mr Schnitzel:
This is probably the one meal that I miss the most and crave on a constant basis. Chicken Schnitzel is a popular dish in Australia and is basically a piece of flattened breaded chicken that is deep fried. We found this place in Warner's Bay and decided to try it out. They sell a variety of chicken schnitzel wraps that start with a great big piece of chicken schnitzel; then they add your choice of toppings. Finally, it is all put in a wrap. It is by far the best wrap I will ever eat and we ended up eating there for lunch at least 3 times during our stay. If you are in the Warne'rs Bay area you have to check this place out!  Link to Facebook Page

Cupcake Espresso:
Cupcake bakeries seem to be a dime a dozen in America but there hasn't been any that have been memorable. My sister had cupcakes as her wedding cake and had been talking up about how good these things were. I was a little skeptical but I ended up trying a caramel cupcake and I was hooked. They were nice and moist and tasted much better than anything I had ever tried before. A few days later we were taken to the bakery. The hardest part was trying to select from all of the different flavours they had on offer. They even have ice cream flavours that I would love to try but I don't think they would travel well to my house. Link to website

Oporto is a fast food restaurant that sells grilled chicken burgers, wraps and grilled chicken pieces. I had never heard of this place before but it had locations all over the place. We finally got to try it in Sydney airport before we flew back to America. I am really picky when it comes to grilled chicken as it can be dry and tough if not done right or has been hanging around in a warming drawer too long. This was not the case with our meal as it was fresh, moist and full of flavour. We will definitely have to try this place again when we return to Australia.  Link to website

It was great to be able to enjoy some of my old favourites like the lollies, Cadbury chocolate, and Australian drinks but it was nice to try some new things as well. I look forward to being able to try them again on our next trip to Australia. Is there a favourite food that you miss from a trip abroad?

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