Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday Snaphots: Snow photos

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A lot of my friends in Australia are getting some of the coldest weather they have had in a while and some of them are seeing the first snow in decades. Since the snow is such a rarity there are tons of snow photos being shared on social media. I figured I would join in the fun and post some photos of the big snow storm we got a few years ago. 

Once we get this much snow we are pretty much housebound for a while.

Alex is out exploring the snow.

During this particular snowstorm we got 13 inches (33cm) of snow.

I love the effect of the overhanging snow.

Its interesting how the snow sticks so uniformly even on an angled roof.

 The snow melting sometimes causes some pretty cool icicles like the ones on this house.

Do you ever get snow where you live?


  1. Wait what White Sox fans?? That ROCKS!! being a Sox fan myself. It's funny to read your post about snow when it's finally hitting the 90's here in Illinois today. Also gave me flashback's to the past few winters that have not been much fun. Have a good weekend.

  2. Oh yes, we get snow where we live. Usually accompanied by wind, so the snow on a roof like your photo doesn't happen very often. Like the song says, "you can tell Wyoming by the wind!"

  3. Snow looks so lovely in photos, but I imagine dealing with its reality is so challenging. Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  4. That snow looks pretty refreshing right now. We didn't get so much as a flake this year, which was unusual, and now we're having one of the hottest summers ever. I love icicles.

  5. We have had quite a bit of snow this week- the most I remember in 16 years of living somewhere it may snow. Not as much as you had of course, and it melts the same day... Love the icicle look- I saw them in Canada.

  6. Honestly, I think snow and icicles are beautiful, I don't miss living in or seeing snow. I am glad it hasn't snowed in Auckland yet, but who knows what the rest of this winter will bring.

  7. Wow! That's surprising to see that in Oz. I was there in the winter of 1999. No snow then. It's so stinking hot here it's hard to believe that's going on there!

  8. I think it does me good to see snow when we're having a heat wave here! Oregon does snow about as well as Virginia (which is, not well....) so I'm impressed with your storm pictures!


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