Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Snapshots: Frozen Waterfalls

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Back in early 2002 I took Amanda up to Skyline Drive for a weekend away and to propose. When I planned the trip the weather was ok but there was a cold snap right before we left. Since I had prepaid for the hotel we decided to go anyway. Along the way we saw a couple of frozen waterfalls which is the subject of today's post.

Some of the icicles were massive and thicker than my fingers and toes.

 Although most of the waterfall was frozen there was some water that was still flowing.

It was pretty chilly down here with all of the ice and the shade from the trees.

A few miles down the road from the frozen waterfall was this tower of ice that was at the entrance of a tunnel.

 I had originally planned to propose at the bottom of the first waterfall but it was frozen and the path down here was too slippery and icy to bring Amanda down there. I ended up waiting about an hour more until I found a nice overlook to pop the question. Even though it was pretty cold on our trip we had a good time and enjoyed our time away.

Have you ever been to Skyline Drive?


  1. What a nice memory. I've never seen (or even thought of) a frozen waterfall. Great pictures.

  2. I have never seen a frozen waterfall! Awesome! Thanks for sharing...and thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Frozen waterfalls? Would they still be considered a water-fall? Or should they be called water-stills?

    Just curious.

  4. I've never heard of the Skyline Drive. What a lovely idea for a proposal.

  5. I've never heard of Skyline Drive, but do appreciate waterfalls. There are many of them in my home province, although I rarely see them frozen. So beautiful!

    Incidentally, there had also been a cold snap just before my husband proposed to me. He took me a favorite park and sat me on a bench. All I could do was shiver ... until I saw the ring!

  6. What a delightful story and beautiful pictures. I'm fascinated by waterfalls in general, and frozen ones are especially gorgeous. They give new meaning to "freeze action" pictures!

  7. Lovely to have such a memorable trip for such a special event.

    I believe that all the beautiful memories created together on such trips help couples survive the bumpier parts in years to come :-)

  8. Those are fantastic pictures! There is a state park near us that has several waterfalls and it is great fun to go there in the winter when they are iced over. The only problem is that the trails are usually iced over as well!

  9. That is amazing. I've never, ever seen frozen waterfalls - I guess it never gets that cold here in England. My Snapshot, which is very late, is at

  10. wow- those are beautiful! I feel like I should know where Skyline Drive is as it sound familiar...
    beth's book-nook


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