Thursday, July 24, 2014

Her TBT Post: Australian Town Names

Angela at The Teacher's Desk 6 is hosting a Throwback Thursday linky party. The rules are simple - choose a previous blog post and re-post it.

If you follow His and Her Hobbies on Facebook (and if you don't - click here so you can), you have seen some throwback posts already this week. We were in Australia this time last year and I have been sharing the blog posts from that trip on their one year anniversary. (That sounds wrong. Can blog posts have anniversaries?)

Anyway, one year ago today I shared my love of Australian town names. They are the best!! 


I absolutely love driving around Australia, going in and out of all the small towns that dot the countryside. This is mostly because the names of these towns are so much fun. Enjoy this list of town names from all around New South Wales, Australia.

Which town name is your favorite?

Happy Travels,

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  1. Hi Amanda! I LOVE that Snoopy cartoon, too! By the afternoon, the students want a rest, that's for sure. I love these pictures from Australia - what an amazing experience! My favorite is the New England highway because I live in New England (Mass.). Also, I'm trying to comment on more blogs, too, since it's the summer, and I have time to comment. Happy Friday!


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