Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Her "Love-y" Photo Collage

Two years ago I found this pin on Pinterest...

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A few weeks ago I was looking at my Pinterest account and thinking about how I had pinned all of these fun things to do around the house, but hadn't done any of them. Motivation knocked and I answered. Here's my version of the pin...

Sean and I live in the same town that we married in, which happens to be my hometown so I knew I couldn't follow the original exactly. I found a frame at Michael's (on sale - score!) and went from there.

Here's what I decided to do...

Step 1: I went to Google Maps and typed in the name of my hometown. I took a screen shot and then opened Paint. I clicked "Control + V" to paste the map's screenshot and cropped the map to include just the areas I wanted to see. This is what it looked like when I was done.

Step 2: I repeated Step 1 for Sean's hometown. Thank goodness Google Maps is global. This is what Sean's hometown map looked like.

Step 3: I wanted a quote about love traveling across miles and I found the perfect one on Goodreads after a Google search. 

I found a free clipart image of a heart, saved it to my computer, and opened it in PicMonkey (love PicMonkey!). I added the quote, played with the font, and came up with this.

Step 4: I decided to add a wedding photo to the collage as our fourth image. We hung it on the wall in our living room with other photos of our family. 

I love how this turned out! I am so glad I decided to go back through my Pinterest account to see what I have pinned over the past few years. I wonder what other great ideas I have lurking in there.

Have you created something inspired by one of your pins? 

Happy Pinning and Creating,

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  1. Hi Amanda!
    I have totally done this craft! I was inspired by the same pin :) I did state maps of our "first date," "first dance" (wedding), and "first home." Here's the blog post if you want to see how it turned out:
    Joy in the Journey Crafty Creations

    I *LOVE* your photo collage on your wall - it has such personality! I am going to need to do that in my living room too!

    Joy in the Journey


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