Monday, June 2, 2014

His and Her Travel Review: Cows Creamery, Canada

I love ice cream more than most things. Over the years I have developed a taste for really good tasting ice cream and will often stop by and try an ice-creamery when I am out or on vacation if it has good reviews. When we were on the New England and Canada cruise we saw advertisements for "Cows" which is a small chain of ice-creameries in Canada. They claimed to have "The World's Best Ice Cream" so I had to check this out as that is a pretty bold claim. Read on to see whether we agree with the fine folks at  "Cows" or whether it is pure hype.

Amanda's Review: I loved Cow's ice cream. It was smooth and creamy with bold, intense flavors. I wanted to eat two and three servings of all different flavors but I knew that would cause a giant stomach-ache. It was everything they claimed it would be - and more. I would definitely say that Cow's is the World's Best Ice Cream! My only regret? Not buying a tshirt.

Sean's Review: I thought the claim of "world's best ice cream" was pretty bold as I thought it would be tough to beat the ice cream that is sold in New Zealand. We decided to give Cows a try when we were in Charlottetown. Even though it was chilly I wanted to see how it fared against the New Zealand version. The ice cream was excellent and very creamy. Sadly my cup of ice cream was gone too fast and it was too far to walk back for a second cup. Luckily there was another Cows location at our next port so we were able to get another cup. As for world's best ice cream? Well I haven't been to every part of the world to try their ice cream but this would definitely be a contender.

 In addition to great tasting ice cream they also have some cool t-shirts that feature the cows.

If you are ever near one of their stores we highly recommend that you swing in for a scoop or three. Their website is and while you are there check out their fun tshirts. What is your favourite ice cream store and flavour?

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  1. I'm not hugely into ice cream but I did enjoy my COWS experience. I even have a photo of myself with that very same cow! LOVED PEI though. It's my go to day dream holiday spot :-)

  2. Haven't heard of this, but if I'm ever where one might be, I'll have to check it out, provided its a warm/hot day, that's the only time I tend to want to eat ice cream .

    My favorite ice cream place was a small little hole in the water type place called Softie's located where we lived in Montana. It was just a place you placed your oder, of which they had tons of things on the menu, and you ate outside, no place to sit inside. Softie's only was open April through October, obviously since it was in Montana. When it opened, the lines were wrapped a block long. The ice cream was good, but I think what drew everyone was the fellowship there to see friends, etc.



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