Monday, May 5, 2014

His: Roses in Bloom

Blooming roses means spring is here and winter is gone!
Amanda and I enjoy having a nice garden and even though it takes some work it is nice to see the end result. Sadly we are not green thumbs, and many of our colourful purchases from the nursery have sadly gone off to plant heaven. However we have had a pretty good success with growing roses which was the one thing I really wanted to grow. We started off with one rose bush a few years ago and after it survived we purchased some more and now we have a total of 5 rose bushes in the back yard. They do take a little bit of care, but they seem fairly hardy, and they always look nice when they start to bloom each spring. The blooms were a little late this year since winter held its icy cold grip on us a little longer than normal, but over the weekend the first of the blooms came out. We have a few different colours and below are a few photos of the early blooms.

 This one is a few days from blooming. Even though it is a dark red right now it will bloom as a bright pink flower.

One of the bright pink rose blossoms.

Most of the roses are pink but there are also orange and white.

This is our orange rose bush with one of its flowers.

Sadly there are no photos of the white roses since they are still a few days from blooming.

The rose bushes will continue to flower throughout the year until sometime around October or November. I look forward to the next couple of months which is when they really start to bloom! Which colour rose is your favourite?


  1. All so pretty! Love the way roses smell! My favorite color of rose is red :)


  2. Orange! That orange one is gorgeous!!!


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