Monday, May 19, 2014

His and Her Travel Review: Postcard Row, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco had been on our must see list ever since we got married. In early 2005 we were able to get a really good deal on the flights and hotel so we went for a 4 day weekend trip. We booked a few sightseeing trips so we wouldn't get lost and could make the most of our time there. The decision to take an organized tour was a smart choice as many of the attractions in San Francisco are spread out and parking can be a nightmare if you have a car. 

     One of the highlights on our city tour was a photo stop at the Postcard Row houses. The architecture of the houses around San Francisco was just stunning, but the Postcard Row houses are some of the most recognizable. They are often used in tourist publications and in the opening credits of the TV show "Full House". I particularly liked how the city skyline was in the background and that it complimented the houses in the foreground. It was only a quick 5 minute stop here but it was fun to be able to see these houses in person after seeing them on TV so many times.

Each section of the city has a park. That's where we were standing to take this photo. It was a beautiful park and the view was incredible. These houses are so picturesque. I couldn't get over how beautiful they were.

Having the park across the street from the houses made taking photos of all of the houses really easy and you were far away enough from them to give the home owner's some privacy.

How young do I look? Wow! I love this photo. I'm so happy we got to visit this part of San Francisco. I can't wait to go back!!

Have you been to San Francisco to see the Postcard Row houses?

Happy Traveling,


  1. Great pictures of the postcard houses! I've been to San Francisco a few times and haven't seen them, nor heard about them either, LOL. But I did love visiting Ghiradelli's while we were there :)


  2. Looks like a great trip! I haven't been to SF (other than the airport) since I was about 3....maybe I'll have tot convince my husband that we should take a family trip down there!


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