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Travel Review: Green Gables

Amanda and I love to travel to new places and see new things. We have been lucky enough to get to see many different parts of this great big world. We would love to share our travel adventures and tips with all of you. Enjoy this first installment - Our Journey to Green Gables!
Green Gables
Amanda - Most little girls are introduced to Anne Shirley while they are still in Elementary School. A kind parent or librarian will hand them the book with a knowing smile and say something like, "I think you are really going to enjoy this." The little girl will begin reading the book, not realizing that she is about to meet her new and lifelong best friend.

This was absolutely my experience with the Anne of Green Gables series. I read the book, stumbled across the movies on PBS, and I was hooked. As far as I was concerned, Anne was my bosom friend and someone who I wished I could know in real life. I wanted to live on Prince Edward Island, teach in a one room school house, and be friends with Anne and Diana. I never dreamed that I would get to visit PEI one day and see Green Gables for myself. 

Anne's Bedroom
A few years ago, Sean and I were talking about our summer vacation plans and whether there was a cruise we would like to go on. He mentioned some stops that one cruise made and I was only half listening to him. When he mentioned the second stop - Prince Edward Island - I literally jumped out of my chair. I started dancing and bouncing around asking all kinds of questions about whether this trip was really possible for us. I was over-the-moon excited from that moment until the day we set foot on the Island.

Matthew's Bedroom
The tour we booked took us to Green Gables, of course. We were given time to tour the house and see Anne, Marilla, and Matthew's rooms. We saw the pantry where Anne let a mouse crawl into the pudding. We saw the slate Anne broke over Gilbert's head and the dress with puff sleeves that Matthew bought Anne. We got to walk a little through the Haunted Forrest - eek! - and down Lover's Lane - aaww! I could have spent an entire day touring the property.

Amanda outside of the Green Gables house.
I would go back tomorrow if someone offered me the chance. A chance to visit my BFF's house and relive some of her hilarious stories.

 Sean - A few winters ago, I was looking at some cruises to New England and Canada that we could take as our summer holidays. There were not a lot of longer cruises at that time of year, but I did find one that was 9 nights and had 6 stops. I was reading the ports that we would visit to Amanda and when I said Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island she started screaming and yelling and dancing around. I had no clue what was so special about this place as I had never heard of it, and to be honest, I was questioning why the cruise ship would even stop there. After she calmed down from dancing around I asked her what the big deal about this place was and she told me all about Green Gables. It meant a lot to her so I was happy to book the tour to Green Gables (plus there wasn't much else that interested me on the shore excursion list).

The kitchen at Green Gables
The house itself was very pretty and even though I had never read the books I enjoyed looking through the house and seeing the different rooms. They did a good job of decorating and making it interesting. It was very helpful that Amanda could explain what each room was. I wanted her to soak in the experience so I took the photos for her throughout the house. We also got to go see a few places outside of the house that are mentioned in the book, like Lover's Lane. The whole place was well put together and did not feel like it was just another tourist trap. Some day I will have to read one or two of the books so I can better understand what I saw that day. 

Amanda on Lover's Lane
Based on Amanda's reaction to the Green Gables house and grounds and from what I overheard from the other people in the bus, it was very true to the book and worth visiting if you ever get the chance. Even if you aren't a fan of the books, the journey to the house is very scenic and is very much worth the drive. 

Our trip to Green Gables was perfection. I loved seeing all the sights and matching staged items from the house to the stories I know and love. If you have the chance, you must go to Prince Edward Island and visit Green Gables. You will not regret it!

Have you been to PEI? Would you want to go to Green Gables?

Happy Traveling,

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  1. Can you believe that I have never read the books?! My in-laws have the video series, so we watched them a few years ago, but that was my first experience. (Shaking your head, I know)... It must have been a fun trip to bring the books to life, though!


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