Wednesday, January 1, 2014

His and Her Hopes for 2014

We have talked a lot over the last week about the resolutions we wanted to set for 2014. We took the time to look back on 2013's resolutions and we did OK. You can check out that blog post here. We were struggling most with the idea of not wanting to make resolutions because we don't normally think about them past the month of January. We batted back and forth a few ideas of what we could do instead, using some of our blogging friends as inspiration. #Quotes

What we decided is that we will have "Hopes" for 2014 - things we are hopeful we will accomplish or hopeful will happen for us in the New Year. This does not mean that we will sit idly by and expect the universe to work on our behalf. We will make efforts and plans to bring these about. 

We tried to keep the hopes realistic and things that will make us better, happier, and healthier. We are hopeful that 2014 will be our best year yet!

Sean's Hopes for 2014
I hope I can complete another half-marathon.
     -I would love to be able to finish in under two hours, but completing one will feel like a victory in itself.

I hope I can participate in at least four disc golf tournaments.
     -They are becoming more prevalent in my area so finding them should be easier. The themes are getting more fun so that makes it better overall. Plus it will help my game and that is always good.

I hope I can be help out around the house after work, instead of going straight to the couch.
     -Typically Amanda has to chase me down to get some things done around the house. I do my part (cooking, trash, etc), but a lot of times I sit down and vege instead of doing little jobs that need to be done. I would like to be more helpful in 2014.

Amanda's Hopes for 2014
I hope I can complete at least three 5K walks. 
     -I already have one chosen - the Color Me Rad 5K in Virginia Beach. I have a friend who wants to walk it with me, but anyone who is in the area and wants to join us is welcome. I am slow (about 55 minutes to finish a 5K) so speed is not a factor.

I hope I can complete at least one cable knitting project and one lace knitting project.
     -I have already chosen the projects for this one. Now I just have to find the time to get them completed.

I hope I can be a better friend.
     -I want to make plans with my friends more often. I want to text and call them when I am thinking about them, rather than get bogged down in school drama and forget them. I have the best people in my life and I want to spend time with them. School cannot always come first!

What are your hopes and/or resolutions for the coming year? 

Realized we didn't have a picture for this blog post. Bitstrip it is!!

Happy New Year and May 2014 be your best year yet!

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