Friday, June 22, 2012

(One of) Her Favorite Authors

I have said it here before - I <3 Reading! It doesn't usually take much for me to love a book - cute characters with a fun story line and I will be hooked. Very, very rarely will I leave a book unfinished...usually I push through until the end in the hopes that something good will happen. (Sometimes I hope that the "something good" will be a character I hate -shall we politely say- being removed from the storyline.) 

The other night I finished a book and went looking for the next one. I decided to check my Nook for something new from one of my favorite authors...Kristan Higgins. Check out her site here. She has a gift for writing story lines that are not predictable and very entertaining to read. Her characters are fun and funny; I find myself rereading her books many times so I can "visit" with them again and again.

If you are looking for some great beach/summer reading, I would encourage you to check out Kristan Higgins. Here are some of my favorites by her - I linked the captions to

**I just finished Somebody to Love --- If you are going to read it, I would recommend reading Catch of the Day (picture below) and The Next Best Thing (not pictured) because the characters overlap. The girl main character is the best friend in The Next Best Thing. She moves to the same town as in Catch of the Day so you get an update on all the characters from that story. Love it!!

Loved the revisiting of characters from other books. :)
I love the brothers in this one - they are funny!
Each book has a dog that just makes the story that much cuter and more fun.

Nothing wrong with a tough guy who is actually a teddy bear!
The first book of hers I read...I love Maggie and Malone!

Happy Reading!

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