Sunday, June 3, 2012

Her New Summer Project

I started following blogs on Blogger a year or two ago. Just simple things like friends' blogs or blogs about TV shows that I like. Then it dawned on me during the school year that I bet tons of teachers blog about ideas they have, resources they've found, and things that work in their classroom. When I started searching I was amazed! So many awesome teachers willingly sharing plans, games, resources, and anything else you might need for your classroom. Most of the blogs I follow are elementary school teachers but their ideas can be easily adapted for my eighth graders.

One of the books for the study
The second book for the study
It was through those posts that I found out about a book study "group" (blog) of teachers who will be reading and studying two books through a new blog they have created. I have heard many of the bloggers I follow mention "The Daily Five" (one of the books) so I read the reviews on and found a few people who said they had adapted it for middle and high school. I am not a confident English teacher so I decided to join in the fun. I am super excited and can't wait to read the books, get ideas, and collaborate with teachers all over the United States. :O)

If you are interested in checking out this book study, just head over to We Read, We Blog, We Teach. The links for the books on are there, as well as an introduction to the whole idea and process. If you want to have a chance to win the books, and save yourself $25, head over to Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher. (Her blog is great also so I would recommend following her.)

Let me know if you decide to join in the fun.

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