Friday, December 12, 2014

Her Top Five for Friday

Hi everyone! I know I have been pretty silent around here lately - shocking to those who know me for sure! I think they would argue that I don't know how to be silent. ;) I have had a lot going on with school, Arbonne (click here for more information on that - I am loving my second job!), and home. I promise that I am going to try to be a better blogger and get back to blogging regularly. Sean does much better than me and he posted two things this week. Click here to read about our stay at the Tropicana Resort in Las Vegas and here to read about all the amazing food he made for Thanksgiving - OMG! it was so good!

Because it is Friday - whooo hooo!! - I wanted to share our top five moments of the week. Here goes - 

1. Funny Kids
Eighth graders have the best personalities! I am loving all the little quirks that my students have this year. One that is pretty prevalent is that they like to make me laugh. For example - in the middle of Civics class on Wednesday, a student said:
"What do you call a deer with no eyes?" 
I said I didn't know and prepped myself for the punch line, because his buddy was already giggling.
"No eye-deer." 
Isn't that cute? He's also the student who showed me this picture last week and told me that it was his new motto for life...

2. Two Weeks
I am so excited that Christmas is less than two weeks ago. I love the holiday season - the giving, the family time, the food. It's great! This season is going to be even more special, because the day after Christmas - two weeks from today! - Sean's dad and his wife are arriving for a one week visit. I am so excited! Sean's dad has not been here in a decade and his wife has never been to the States. This is going to be fun!

3. Games at School
My students have iPads issued to them to use while they are here at school. They can't download any apps, but the county has filled them with awesome apps to use in all of their classes. I am loving all the new things we can do in class because of the iPads. One of the things I am loving most is the website Kahoot. Teachers can go in and set up multiple choice questions for the students to answer. As the questions are presented, students are awarded points based on how quickly they answer correctly. After each question a top 5 leaderboard appears. My kids are in love with this game! They don't even know they are learning, but I know it is helping them remember all the Civics stuff they have to know. Some of my lowest students are starting to show up on the leaderboard because the repetition of questions every day and the fact that they are so engaged in the activity is causing them to remember so much more! I love, love, love it! Here is a video I found on YouTube that shows a class using Kahoot. 

4. Coworker Chills
A coworker talked to me a few weeks ago about Sean making a quilt for her mom. She had some old cotton nightgowns that belonged to her grandmother. She asked Sean to make something with them. The quilt is beautiful and my coworker said she had chills when she saw it. Tune in tomorrow to see photos (Sean will post them for our Super Saturday Snapshots). 

5. Twelve Days of Christmas
I am having an Arbonne sale - 20% off these twelve gifts that are perfect for anyone on your Christmas list. The last day to order and get the items by Christmas is Monday, December 15. The perfect thing about Arbonne - well one of the perfect things? The items will be shipped directly to you. Usually they arrive 4 days after I place the order. Let me help you check some people off your holiday list! There is more information about all of these products on my Facebook page - Amanda's Arbonne Adventure.

Thanks for checking in and hearing about our week. I hope your week was amazing and that your weekend is full of holiday cheer. Do you have any special holiday plans this weekend?

Happy Friday

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