Thursday, December 18, 2014

His Christmas Questionnaire 2014

Amanda answered Michelle's Christmas Questionnaire for 2014 yesterday. Now it's my turn. Here goes!
1. When do you decorate?
We normally decorate the day after Thanksgiving as I am off work so it is a good time to put up the decorations and the tree.

2. Elf or no elf?
I don't really understand the elf on a shelf concept, so no elf for me.

3. Christmas cookies or no baking for you?
No baking for me. Amanda is the baker of the family. When she bakes, I am the sous chef - I assist.

4. Favorite holiday tradition?
It used to be going for a swim on Christmas Day. Now it is enjoying a good meal with my American family.
Amanda always makes me a pecan pie. Yum!
5. Favorite Christmas movie?
My favorite movie would be National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation because it is so funny. It also makes you realize that no matter how bad your season is going, it could always be worse!

6. Snow or no snow?
NO SNOW! Bring on 90 degrees Christmas Day any day!
Nothing says Xmas like a warm day by the water.
7. Favorite Christmas song?
Australian Jingle Bells, because it reminds me of my Christmas's as a child --- and how Christmas should be (warm!).

8. Favorite gifts to give and get?
I like to give gifts that people are not expecting, but will really enjoy. I like to receive practical gifts that I can use often.

Hope you enjoyed reading my responses. Comment below or on Facebook with the answer to your favorite question. Merry Christmas!

Dreaming of a Hot Christmas,


  1. That pie looks amazing!!!!! Lucky you! Have a great holiday, you two.
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. It must be hard adjusting to a cold Christmas after growing up in the heat this time of year. I'm hoping to have a swim or at least a water pistol fight with the kids come Christmas day. :-)
    Merry Christmas!

  3. My husband and I spend Christmas Day with his parents. For that reason, decorations and baking still aren't part of our tradition. One day!

    My husband's favorite movie is A Christmas Story, while I'm more sentimental towards the animated Santa Claus, Frosty, and Rudolph stories. As for songs, "I'll Be Home for Christmas" became a favorite of mine when at college and unable to spend Christmas with family. Jingle Bells variations are fun!

    I couldn't imagine Christmas without snow. Yet I find that odd, because the first one that started it all was probably warm and green.

    Anyone who knows me well will eventually give me a book. :-) As for the presents I give, I agree the best ones are unexpected. I hope my husband is surprised by his! That said, I also get an excitement out of buying gifts from a family member's wish list and seeing their faces light up upon receipt.

    It was interesting to read answers to these questions from both you and Amanda. If my husband were to answer these, I wonder what he'd say? ;-)


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