Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Her Christmas Questionnaire 2014

One year ago today, Sean posted his answers to the 2013 Christmas Questionnaire. I followed up with mine on Thursday of that week. It was a lot of fun and we liked reading each other's answers. I found out that Michelle, who blogs at Fabulous in First, is doing this link-up again. I will be answering the questions today and Sean will answer them tomorrow. Enjoy!

1. When do you decorate?
Most years, we decorate the whole house the weekend of Thanksgiving. We put up the tree first and then add our other items to the rest of the house. This year, we put up the tree Thanksgiving weekend, but the other decorations were put up this past weekend. Things just got so busy!

2. Elf or no elf?
We do not have an elf, but when we have kids I could see us having one. I joked with my 8th graders this year that they should have an elf to tell Santa all the things they were doing. They got really upset when I told them I was joking and I wasn't getting them an elf. Something to think about for next year!

3. Christmas cookies or no baking for you?
I love to bake, but not cookies. Cakes, brownies, and pies - that's what I like! Cookies are so tedious and I get very bored scooping them. My favorite thing to bake for Christmas is Brown Eyed Baker's Ho Ho Cake. It is delicious and a hit for everyone who tries it!

4. Favorite holiday tradition?
Decorating the house with Sean is a fun tradition. I love pulling out all the ornaments for the tree and walking down memory lane (more on that next week). I love spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my parents also. Christmas Eve is spent enjoying lasagna after church. On Christmas Day we spend the entire day together, enjoying each other's company and celebrating.

5. Favorite Christmas movie?
I don't watch a lot of Christmas movies. I have spent time watching some Hallmark channel movies this year and that has been fun. My favorite holiday movie would have to be the animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Following closely behind would be The Christmas Carol with George C. Scott. My dad and I used to watch that every year on Christmas Eve and I loved that tradition (and movie!).


6. Snow or no snow?
I would LOVE a white Christmas. I am in love with snow! We came close one year to having a white Christmas - it was a white boxing day. I think it would be cool!

7. Favorite Christmas song?
My favorite carol is "O Come All Ye Faithful", but I also love "Away in a Manger" and "Go Tell It on the Mountain". This morning I heard a new-to-me song on KLove by Hillsong United called "Peace Has Come". I fell in love at first listen and it is going to be playing a lot around our house this season.

8. Favorite gifts to give and get?
My favorite gifts to give - I love to give gifts that people didn't think of for themselves. For example, last year I got Sean a sewing machine. I knew he would never buy it for himself, but it was something he really wanted. He was so excited he started a quilt the very next day. I also love giving one of a kind or craft show gifts to people. They are unique and fun gifts to give. This Christmas I am most excited for my dad to open his gift. The look on his face will be great - I know it!
My favorite gifts to get - I get more out of the giving part of Christmas than the receiving, but I always love getting gifts that show that people thought about me and what I liked and picked something. Sean got me yarn last year in my favorite brand and a beautiful color. Perfect!

That was fun! Sean will have his turn tomorrow, so please tune in for that. For now, choose a question and answer it below or on Facebook. 

Happy Holidays,

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